A journey among the Greeks of Calabria

A journey of 8 days and 7 nights in the southern Ionian Aspromonte

Calabria. A firm name for a land of strong contrasts and suggestive myths, it represents a place that needs to be discovered in all its wildest beauty. Snuggled between the towering Aspromonte mountain range and the turquoise Ionian Sea, our quest to seek for its ancient Greek and Byzantine roots will lead us along a fulfilling path. Reghion, the oldest city in Calabria founded by Greek colonists, the Magna Grecia Museum protecting the mighty Bronzi of Riace, and Scilla, which myth binds it to Cariddi, are on our todo list of attractions and will bring us back to Homer’s poems. We will visit the heart of the Grecanica area with the ancient villages of Pentedattilo, Bova, Amendolea, and Gallicianò, where local traditions are still alive and can be found in its tasty peasant cuisine and well preserved craftsmanship.

All year round.

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