Hiking in Piedmont, the Oropa path

A guided tour that will lead to the discovery of scenic landscapes, guided experiences through its cultural heritage, and acknowledgment of local examples of social and environmental sustainability.
The Oropa path is a journey for those willing to discover a secluded area with quality time on their side, immersed in a lush green environment and focused on living the mood of the journey.

Hiking in Piedmont, the Oropa path

The travel day by day


Day 1


Group meeting at the railway station in Santhià to encounter the “Friends of the Via Francigena di Santhià” association and collect the official documents to commence the Oropa path following the Via Francigena. We will reach the Castle of Roppolo and enjoy a breathtaking view over Lake Viverone and the Serra moraine amphitheater. At the Municipality of Roppolo we will get our releases printed with pictures created by kids attending primary education in the schools of Roppolo and Viverone.
Dinner with typical Piedmontese cuisine and overnight accomodation in Roppolo.

Length: 16 km – Difference in elevation: 200 m

Day 2


On the second day we will hike the hills of the Serra Morenica d’Ivrea.
Following the Grande Traversata del Biellese (GTB) trail, we will discover the geology of Europe’s best preserved moraine amphitheater, visit the Monastery of Bose, then the donkey animal nursery (Rifugio degli Asinelli) and taste delicious cheeses at a local goat farm. Dinner and accommodation in a hikers’ shelter in Sala Biellese.

Length: 25 km – Difference in elevation: 630 m

Day 3


After waking up amidst the evocative woods of the Serra Morenica d’Ivrea, the hike proceeds along trails once used by partisans during WWII, to reach the Sanctuary of Graglia for a guided tour in the afternoon.
Typical Piedmontese dinner with local delicacies and overnight accommodation in the Sanctuary of Graglia.

Length: 23 km – Difference in elevation: 780 m

Day 4


The journey continues in Valle Elvo, with a visit to Ecomuseo della Trappa.
In the afternoon we will arrive in Oropa and visit the impressive religious construction; along with the Sacro Monte di Oropa, it a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Continuation of the journey, opting for an overnight stay in Oropa or return to Biella.

Length: 15 km – Difference in elevation: 680 m

Day 5


Departure from Santuario di Oropa hiking along the GTA, amidst history and natural beauty in the Special Nature Reserve, with amazing views over the lowlands from Monte Cucco (1515 m).
We will then reach the Sanctuary in San Giovanni d’Andorno, with a visit to the Shrine, in the afternoon.
Dinner and overnight accommodation in the Cervo valley.

Length: 13 km – Difference in elevation: 100 m

Day 6


Morning departure heading out to explore the peculiar villages and their inhabitants in a unique natural setting just a few miles away from Biella.
We will visit a mountain pasture to rediscover and have a peek into an authentic alpine lifestyle.
Overnight accommodation and dinner at a farmhouse with a breathtaking view over the pastures and grazing animals, home to an ecomuseum nestled in the very heart of Oasi Zegna.

Length: 12 km – Difference in elevation: 770 m

Day 7


Walking inside the beautiful Oasi Zegna, we will reach Santuario della Brughiera, following the footsteps of Fra Dolcino, welcomed by an awesome view over the Sessera Valley. From there the hike continues downhill towards Trivero where a unique guided tour of Casa Zegna (Ermenegildo Zegna), and its ongoing textile production chain, wrapping up the whole experience. The last stamp on the Credentials and the passing of the Testimonium takes place at the Sanctuary of Oropa itself. Transfers to Biella’s railway station are taken care of by means of public transportation (buses) or shuttle buses.

Length: 11 km – Difference in elevation: 80 m

Travel information

This programme may be subject to change, both before and during the trip, depending on weather conditions, national holidays, personal needs of the travelers and of the hosts. The last stamp on the Credentials and the passing of the Testimonium take place at the Sanctuary of Oropa.
Necessary equipment: hiking shoes/boots, 1 liter thermos flask, rain jacket or poncho, 20/30 liter hiking backpack, full brim hat, sunscreen, personal effects.

Local representative

The tour will be lead by an environmental hiking guide who will introduce travellers to landscape, flora and fauna, history, culinary aspects and local folklore encouraging interest and engagement.

Level of difficulty

Il Cammino di Oropa is a hiking trail for backpackers and poses miscellaneous degrees of difficulty according to the stages; the first two easier legs are followed by five more intense sections (between 17 km and 25 km hiking per day).The itinerary takes place along trails at medium-low elevation, therefore viable almost all year round (less at the peak of the winter), all of which recognised and mapped. Examples are Via Francigena and the Grande Traversata del Biellese.

Available dates

This schedule is proposed from time to time on our website; it is also possible to request a special date, to be agreed upon with local guides and the tour operator.


Feel free to reach out with an e-mail.

What is included:

  • ● overnight accommodation in multiple rooms, including bed linen and towels
    ● meals (breakfasts, pre-packed lunch and dinner)
    ● local transport as scheduled
    ● guided tours and museum admission fees
    ● expenses, qualified hiking guide fee
    ● AIGAE medical insurance (please reach out for details)
    ● ViaggieMiraggi share

What is not included:

  • ● round trip to and from Santhià and Biella
    ● single supplement with private bathroom or other types of accommodation
    ● supplement for the purchase of a tailored medical-baggage insurance, alternatively to the one proposed
    ● insurance for the cancellation of Filo diretto Assistance (direct line assistance) which can be purchased through the travel agent within 32 days prior to departure or in when booking the trip
    ● personal expenses, extras and anything not expressly cited above

All quotations are subject to availability at the time of confirming a booking


The minimum number of participants required to complete the trip is 6 people. Travellers will be informed 15 days prior to departure, in order to confirm.


For registration terms and conditions please consult the following website: How we travel italy.viaggiemiraggi.org

For further information feel free to contact us: