Italian Language Course in Liguria

Let’s learn Italian at the Ecovillage Torri Superiore with Laura Sbruzzi

Come learn Italian in Torri Superiore’s ecovillage with Laura Sbruzzi

A language course for adult learners, meant as a full-immersion week in the Italian language and culture.

Morning language classes and afternoon visits, hands-on exercises and manual activities.

Practice language skills in real life situations starting from scratch while gaining confidence in a positive, communicative learning environment!

Italian Language Course in Liguria

The travel day by day

A holiday & study week for foreigners willing to combine a laidback holiday at the beautiful Torri Superiore Ecovillage and the opportunity to learn the basics of Italian language and culture, or improve previous their knowledge (A1/A2 level in the CEFR framework). Lessons will be delivered in a communicative fashion and not based on simple lecturing.
The cultural experience will take place at the Torri Superiore ecovillage. Visits and guided hikes around the neighborhood are included in the trip (Hanbury Gardens, the Ventimiglia open market, the local beaches, etc.) in order to create a inspiring multifaceted learning experience whilst enjoying the pleasures of travel and quality time.


To get the best out of the experience, participants are strongly invited to bring the following items. Pens, pencils, scissors, glue, a notebook or copy book (possibly in A4 format) for taking notes, jotting ideas and completing written tasks. Of course, the will to engage, to show curiosity toward other people and towards the language must be an asset. No books needed, as printouts will be handed out during the course.

Foreword: native speakers of any contemporary language use it mainly to communicate their needs in normal daily activities, and not strictly related to academic purposes. Learning a language in its “resident” country through real-life experiences can activate several brain capacities, promoting long term memory patterns. Undertaking common everyday tasks offers real advantages, making this practice perhaps one of the easiest and most amusing way to start speaking Italian; learning how to prepare pasta, bake pizza or brew coffee the proper Italian way, while visiting beautiful villages scattered along the Ligurian Riviera, is certainly a bonus. As adults we are constantly engaged in a myriad of stressful and urgent tasks. Understanding the Italian culture and language, while relaxing in a calm and naturally pittoresque environment, can be a new way of stitching cultural interests to the sound need of unplugging for a while.

The course is aimed at: Seniors and young adults over 18 with an entry level understanding of Italian (CEFR A1/A2). All participants enrolling in the course will be asked to sit an entry test with no grading purposes, in order to adequately be assessed and create a homogeneous, pleasant environment. The participants’ different degrees of proficiency will be taken into account and cared for.

Purpose: To allow the participants to interactively acquire a wide range of culture-based language skills required to meet the traveller’s basic needs, in a communicative setting: making reservations, ordering meals, booking short trips, asking for directions and help in case of need are among the topics.

The course does not release any recognised language certificate, but a certificate of attendance and completion will be given.

Method: Morning lessons will be based on realistic spoken language and direct practice, preparing students to actively use the language in cultural and practical activities taking place in the afternoon. Native Italian speakers will engage with the students through visual explanations giving instructions on how to make pasta, bread or coffee in the Italian way, or giving directions to visit nearby points of interest. At the Friday market, learners can put their skills to the test buying local products, asking information, ordering coffee, etc.

Venue and people: The Torri Superiore ecovillage is a multicultural venue, where several languages are spoken. Nevertheless, participants will be invited to interact with the local residents in Italian, in order to make the best of their experience. The ecovillage staff will interact with participants mostly Italian.

The teacher

Laura Sbruzzi, with a University degree in foreign languages and literatures, is a translator and interpreter, with a Ditals diploma at the University of Siena in Italian language teaching to foreigners; both adults and young learners.
Formerly a teacher in schools and language courses for elders at the Arenzano University, where she worked for 10 years. She has held several language workshops teaching Italian in a less formal and more practical way, adding an amusing context where participants could get a taste of the Italian culture. Laura has learnt different foreign languages and very well understands the challenges faced by students learning and using a new language in real-life situations; the tasks goes beyond studying from a book. She recognises the advantages of putting quickly into practice notions gained through theoretical lectures. Hence, why not use Italian immediately; buying a bus ticket, learning about the varieties of coffees served in an Italian café, or participating in an amusing activity like making pasta, pizza or an Italian espresso coffee?

Schedule of activities

Day Morning Afternoon evening
Sunday Welcome cocktail, accommodation in rooms Participants meet each other at dinner.

After dinner: Brief explanation of course logistics and subjects

Monday Class 9-12.30

20’ coffee break

at 11.00


Bread baking laboratory and brief walking excursion into the Bevera valley

(whole afternoon)

Tuesday Class 9-12.30

20’ coffee break

at 11.00



Guided excursion to the Hanbury Gardens

(whole afternoon)

Wednesday Class 9-12.30

20’ coffee break

at 11.00


Thursday Class 9-12.30

20’ coffee break

at 11.00


“Let’s make pasta!”

Italian cuisine workshop

(whole afternoon)

Friday Class 9-12.30

20’ coffee break

at 11.00


Walk through Ventimiglia and visit to the open market

(over 300 stands selling various items)

(whole afternoon)


After dinner: Final party

Saturday After breakfast

Delivery of Certificates

of attendance

group photos, greetings


Available dates

This program is available for the dates reported on the website


Price per person from
All included *
Adults e 515

*cost course + seven days full board included


Price per person from
Without accomodation *
Adults € 365

* cost without accommodation for local participants (meals included)


All quotations are subject to availability at the time of confirming a reservation.


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